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Aptus Clinical provide expertise to the Biotech sector supporting invaluable clinical research. Their network and support structure of knowledge and talent helps drug development across biotech areas such as commercial, medical, technical, scientific, operational and regulatory.

With services, such as drug study design, project management, research planning, clinical resourcing, team sourcing, drug development services, Aptus Clinical is a trusted provider of specialist support.



Biotech organisations across the globe rely on Aptus Clinical to source and provide highly experienced pharmaceutical industry personnel to support the clinical development of drug projects. They do this by pooling the right talent (‘Associates’) and creating the right teams for their clients. For each Associate, Aptus Clinical needs to assign unique IDs and put together documents for a vetting process. This has traditionally been a manual process, however as their talent network grows, so does the effort involved in managing the flow of work.

With such a pivotal role to play in development and planning in the pharmaceutical industry, Aptus Clinical wanted to ensure its operations were streamlined and efficient. This meant moving away from manual processes and introducing a template and document-driven environment which was more robust and workflow-driven.

Business Agility, Office 365 & SharePoint

With the knowledge that document management and workflow functionality is offered within Microsoft’s Office 365, Aptus Clinical turned to Business Agility for support. The Microsoft experts offered guidance on how to set up SharePoint Online within their Office 365 environment.

The project began as a document library initiative and quickly transformed into a more consultative project about how they could leverage their investment in Office 365. Moving beyond simple file sharing capabilities, an intranet-environment was created to encompass the ‘internal admin piece’ (and a relating project site).

The intranet delivered was, in effect, an Associate, Client and Vendor Register, producing unique ID’s, initiating workflows and creating a Document Set for each entry in the Register. These Document Sets are used to track and maintain all relevant documentation required for the business relationship.

Results & Benefits

  • Efficiency improved
  • Information collectively managed
  • Improved data integrity

Removing manual processes is always beneficial, but more than that Aptus Clinical can now hold and store all relevant documentation pertaining to their Associates, Suppliers, Projects and teams. The benefits were clear; their process became more efficient and more robust.

A projects extranet was also created to allow the Associates, who are external users, to collaborate on documents and files within the constraints of Aptus Clinical’s business process.

This system, configured on SharePoint Online, is an excellent example of how the platform can be used beyond simple document management purposes.

“As a specialist consultancy ourselves, we know the true value of leveraging knowledge for excellent project delivery. This is why we turned to SharePoint experts, Business Agility, to aid us with design and delivery for this solution.”
Aptus Clinical

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