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Missed our webinar on digital enablement for insurance? Don’t worry, you can access it below.

The session is specifically aimed at insurance companies either looking at or underway with a digital strategy. It talks about our solution, Agile Bridge which enables providers of insurance, insurers, brokers, MGAs to:

  • Leverage and extend the lifespan and functionality of existing (legacy) systems
  • Enable digital insurance delivery across multiple channels
  • Improve the customer experience (e.g., introducing self-service, handling the entire MTA process through digital portals)
  • Allow continuity of experience while back-end systems are updated/replaced

Please complete the below form to access the session.

You will have access to two video clips:
1) An overview of Agile Bridge that comes with technical analysis about how Agile Bridge sits in your existing system followed by a summary
2) Just the technical analysis section on its own.

Once complete you will be redirected to the webinar “Agile Bridge

You will also receive a download link via e-mail. You can have access to both video clips here.

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