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Skype for Business is to be replaced by Microsoft Teams in a sudden change that emerged this morning. As it stands, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are two very separate services owned by Microsoft. However, it seems that things are going to be changing very soon.

Many Skype for Business users got a message this morning saying “Skype for Business is now Microsoft Teams!” as they logged in to their accounts.

John Votaw, a Principal Consultant for Business Agility said: “Microsoft has thrown another googly; Skype for Business is being replaced with Microsoft Teams. There is some value in this change, but it’s another dynamic upheaval for end users.

The Skype for Business client and Teams both provide features such as instant messaging, real-time presence, voice call, video call, group meetings, and scheduled meetings.

Teams, unlike Skype for Business, provides threaded chat. Skype for Business, unlike Teams, provides users with features like broadcasting meetings, video conferencing and dialing, and other video abilities.

Could Microsoft be making a mistake, or a very clever move? For now we say watch this space…

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