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Office 365: Top tips for post-migration

Microsoft Office 365 has extensive capabilities. It can be a huge enabler, both in terms of value (productivity and efficiency) and decreased risk (information governance, availability, etc.) Once migration to the software has completed, there may be a long road ahead!

We have produced an eBook to help you get to grips with the wide range of options you’ll have access to. Hopefully you’ll find plenty of useful tips on how to make the most of the cloud-based platform; how to explore it and how to identify what areas of the platform will give you ‘quick wins’ and create the most impact.

Microsoft 365 migration

Here are our ideas on what to do following your migration. Download our free eBook today to access all the tips and advice.

1. Have a play around!

New software is always intriguing, and a huge benefit to Office 365 is the enormity of it. To some however, this can be really overwhelming and unwelcome to those who might not want to change their processes. Our eBook has some great suggestions for where to start when it comes to exploring.

Microsoft 365 migration

2. Choosing your first big project

Getting new shiny software is one thing – having to successfully use it to fulfil a big project is another. It’s daunting but very important when choosing what parts of Office 365 to use in your first project. We’ve got some simple recommendations in our eBook to get you started.

Microsoft 365 migration

3. Offer knowledge transfer sessions and training

Usability of a new system is critical. If users aren’t comfortable with the proposed changes, or unfamiliar with the new capabilities (i.e. on how it can help them perform their tasks better, quicker and more reliably), then it’s unlikely to succeed!

Microsoft 365 migration

4. Create a management plan

A well thought-out and clear Management Plan provides users (and managers) with the opportunity to explain the objectives, goals, and planned procedures of their proposed projects. If you don’t have this, then your post-migration success will be very limited. We’ve got some simple and easy ideas on how to achieve this in our eBook.

5. Embrace the full suite of new apps

Office 365 isn’t just email, document storage and collaboration tools. There are so many productivity apps in the cloud that it can be difficult to keep up. Once you’re fully acquainted with your new software there’s plenty to do – and there’s much more coming your way too. Our guide features some great ideas to get you started.

As Office 365 can be applied in many ways, our eBook is simply a brief guide with our suggestions and recommendations on what we feel should be your next steps with the technology. We hope you find it useful.

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