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Another “fantastic event”, “Super SharePoint Seminars!”

Not our words! The words of some of the attendees at our most recent SharePoint seminar!

On Thursday 25th February we held one of our valuable and fully booked SharePoint seminars in Manchester where we illustrated how an organisation could maximise its investment in Office 365, specifically focussing on SharePoint.

It was a peer-led event, hosted by our Practice Manager, Dave Nixon, and one of our Senior SharePoint Consultants, John Votaw. Both are experts in SharePoint and both were extremely enlightening when talking about the platform, Office 365 and their experiences in their application.

We like to host these events as they are a great forum to answer typical questions and comments we hear – usually “yeah we have SharePoint…it’s for doc management, right?” or “oh, I don’t like our intranet…that’s SharePoint is it?”

The session was a bit of a myth-buster and education opportunity for those that are new to either SharePoint or Office 365 (and those that have it, but want to understand how to maximise their investment in it!).

We have run a number of these sessions over the last 12 months and we aim to run many more – details are below for the next one in Bristol.

If you are keen to attend then please either register here, or email our event organiser Kayleigh Ellis – ​for more details.

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