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Our tremendously nice partners, IBA, have released a very interesting White Paper about the process behind delivering Insurance IT systems. The White Paper tackles the conceit of ‘large-scale’ IT projects in insurance and challenges the ‘norm’ of these needing to be a lengthy, drawn-out endeavour. The paper nicely sums up their (and our) ethos of delivering IT value quickly and in a collaborative approach. We’re all about the ‘One team approach’!

The paper is available from their website – access it here: White Paper: Going live with insurance IT in weeks or months, not years 

Who are IBA? you may ask….well, they are one of our select technology partners and they created IBSuite.

IBSuite is a complete multi-channel sales and Policy Administration System

IBSuite is an end to end insurance solution covering all processes from quote to policy, claims handling, payments, reconciliation and reporting.

Much more info can be found here.


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