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Chrome cast is a great invention from the google team, as it helped a lot of people to use their smart television more effectively and unlock the possibility of having a smart television, rather than having a normal one. This small smart devices had a huge hit and sold more than 10 million devices in 2016 Q1 according to google, which shows the measure of success.

Using this device you can do a whole lot of things, like stream a video, play games, use browser, it is like having the whole android system installed in you smart television, all you have to do is to plug-in the device in to your smart televisions USB slot and start enjoying, this is specially built for the smart television bios and all you have to do is to insert and configure it.

To make life more simpler, google has designed a brand new application known as the google home which will allow you to anything to your chrome cast using your google home application, basically the google home application acts as a remote for the chrome cast you have installed in you television, you can do pretty much everything right from your google home.

Using this both Chromecast Setup Download in your television and the application in your phone makes you feel very satisfying and believe me, you will get addicted to it. It works great! And all the functions are very greatly mapped so that you will have them working just cool.

Feature of the Google Home application:

You can get more functionality with application at it connects with Bluetooth and the connection and speed of instruction transfer are very much faster than the manual operation from the native remote.

Browse and manage everything in single place, you can check your mail, browse the web and play the videos you like everything right from your google home application to your smart television.

You will get ultimate control over the application, like you can pause, play, control volume, brightness, speed of the video, add subtitles directly from the web, etc.

If you have a home theater connected to your television, then you will have a great control over the type of audio output you wish using the advanced equalizer, present in the google home application.

You can even set amoled screensaver and leave the television switched on for all the time and also display the time on the top right corner and it will use very less power.

And for your information, some of the functions are region specific which is believed to be brought to the entire globe really soon. Make sure that you try all available features and enjoy the way you use your television, and google claims that chrome cast will make you replace your computer with a smart television.

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