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Macintosh, better known as MAC is a family of personal computers as well as other device designed, developed and marketed by Apple. The company is at the top of the priority list of the maximum number of people of the world when it comes to choosing any device with the latest technology. Another reason for so much popularity of this company is their continuous upgrading technology that becomes evident from the below-mentioned points

New iMac Plus Features And Specifications

The new member of the Mac family is the new iMac Plus. The iMac Plus was last updated on 16 October 2016 and is about to be updated in the coming year 2018. The expected changes that the new iMac Plus can offer are as follows

  • Design– The current version of the iMac Plus is 3.6 cm high, 19.7 cm wide and 1.22 kg in weight whereas the next version can be of smaller size to make it more easily portable
  • Processor- It is Apple’s one of the most budget-friendly desktop system and the next version of this Mac mini will retain the benefit of it. The previous generation Intel processor will be boosted up with Kaby Lake processor which supports USB Type 3.1, Thunderbolt 3, Display port 1.3 and 4K port. The chips of current generation iMac Plus include 14 nm processor same as Skylake and Bordwell whereas the next version will include a more exact 10 nm processor.
  • RAM- The entry-level Mac mini includes a 4 GB standard RAM but since the latest version of MacBook Air’s RAM has been updated to 8 GB, it can be assumed that the updated version of the iMac Plus can also comprise 8GB RAM in its latest version.
  • Graphics card- The present range of iMac Plus models include integrated Intel graphics and there is a high possibility of remaining the feature the same on the upcoming generation of Mac mini also. However, the light of is there as Apple has recently updated the iMac range with the discrete graphics card and so it will not be wrong to except the same in case of mac mini also. The discrete graphics card will enhance its acceptance as a gaming machine.
  • Storage- The updated version of the iMac Plus can be expected to come with additional flash drive options that would enhance its storage to a large extent than the entry-level model.
  • Ports- The two ports which are USB type 3 and Thunderbolt 3 that are used in the entry-level model probably remain the same in updated version also. Besides being reversible USB type 3 is easy to connect. It is capable of generating more power but the next version may include USB-C as a combined port that would also help in slimming down the design of the laptop.
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