10 reasons why you should use SharePoint for your Intranet

No matter what size your business is, an Intranet is very important for consolidating information and improving communication across your company. Nowadays with more employees working from home and offsite, a well-built Intranet is vital to ensure that everyone knows what’s going on. (Read our guide here about planning your SharePoint Intranet)

One of the most important things relating to Microsoft’s SharePoint is that it has collaboration at its very core. So, with all the functionality it has to offer, here are 10 reasons why you should consider using SharePoint to build and run your company’s Intranet.

Low cost

SharePoint is available if you have access to Office 365. (Read our guide here about utilising the apps in Office 365 for SharePoint) So, if you already use Office 365, you can get started with SharePoint and not have to worry about spending money on a dedicated, complex Intranet service. SharePoint could already be waiting for you and you may not know it!

Branding and design are sorted

In essence, an Intranet is effectively an internal website. And with many websites, lots of cost and resource go on the design. One of the wonderful things with SharePoint is that you can design your Intranet exactly to the requirements of your brand without needing to shell out money and other resources on extra designing. If you already have an established brand design, you can customise your Intranet to look exactly how you like it. It won’t look like a SharePoint site (unless you want it to!)

It has an internal, intelligent search engine built in

When it comes to data discovery, SharePoint’s search functionality is second to none. Many companies have files and data scattered about and won’t always be as organised as they’d like. If you’re struggling to find a company policy for example, simply use SharePoint’s search to get what you’re after. (SharePoint has brilliant tools for record and document management too. Click here to find out more!)

Share your findings with the world (or just certain people)

SharePoint takes document management and data security very seriously. So, on an Intranet built with SharePoint, you can ensure that certain documents and records only get shared to those who you want to see them.

It’s quick and easy to add content

SharePoint is designed for collaborative use. Therefore, if you have several departments adding to content to different areas, SharePoint makes it easy for content to be updated quickly. There’s also functionality for proofing before publishing – so particular content can get checked first.

Document management is streamlined

SharePoint’s document management system is both simple and efficient. Several reasons such as SharePoint being in the Cloud as well as the ability to automate document processes make the management of documents very simple. You can also edit documents right in the browser itself as well as co-author documents to avoid email tennis. (Click here to read our guide all about document management)

There’s a social aspect to it you may not have yet

SharePoint is not a social media tool; but it does have functionality that allows you to know your audience a little bit better – especially if you’re in a big company. SharePoint has the ability for you to add personal profiles to your Intranet, so others can see their interests, who they work with and what their job function is. This isn’t a pointless function – it allows you to search for somebody in the company and improves communication channels.

External sharing and access

If you need to access your Intranet from an offsite location or while on the go, an outdated system won’t allow you to do this. However, as SharePoint can be retrieved from the Cloud, you’ll be able to have access to information you need much more easily – and it’s easy to use on a mobile device (depending on the design and branding that’s implemented).


As mentioned previously, document and records management within SharePoint is much more streamlined. Lots of Intranets will be inundated with documents in all sorts of places. Moving this content and managing it manually could be a thing of the past if you set up automation functionality. You can set expiry dates on documents that may need updating later or destroyed. You can move documents after a certain period or once permission in a workflow has been granted. Being able to automate documents in an Intranet can be hugely productive and take half the time of doing it manually.

You don’t have to stick with it if you don’t like something about it

Due to the many ways you can customise your Intranet to suit your needs, there’s no need to stick with something that’s not working. So many Intranets aren’t used because the processes are cumbersome or outdated. SharePoint is a very flexible bit of kit – and you can create solutions that would otherwise cost you more on other software but is already built in on SharePoint. (If you’d like to know more about how to support your SharePoint and Office 365 environments, click here and read our guide)

These are just a few reasons as to why you should consider using SharePoint for your new Intranet. There are many Intranet providers out there, but they might cost you more time and money than you want to spend. Remember – if you have Office 365, then you’ll already have access to SharePoint. Get in touch today if you’d like any further advice!