9 foolproof ways to increase user adoption for your Intranet

One of the more challenging aspects of making a new intranet a success is the adoption of its users. Encouraging users to utilise it on a daily basis and make your investment worthwhile can sometimes be an uphill struggle. If you haven’t already, take a look at our article here about why Intranets fail.

Some companies may not immediately consider this as a potential problem with ways to prevent it – but alas, it’s definitely something you need to think about. Unless people use the Intranet on a daily basis (for good reason) then you’ll be likely to fall into the same problems you may have had with your older system.

One of the ways you can ensure user adoption won’t be a problem when your new Intranet has launched is to use SharePoint for your Intranet. We’ve put together 9 foolproof ways you can make sure end users won’t abandon your new Intranet!

We’re the experts

As you know, we know everything there is to know about SharePoint. Using it for your new Intranet will eliminate financial problems with investing, encourage collaboration and ultimately ensure that end users find the Intranet useful and helpful. We also have an eBook here that goes into more detail about how you can realistically use SharePoint as your new Intranet.

If you’re still looking for reasons as to why SharePoint can be the answer to your Intranet woes, check out our article here on 10 reasons why you should use it for your next Intranet.

When developing a new Intranet, it’s a common mistake to forget about what the end user experience will be like. Remember – without your end users, your Intranet will not be a success! We hope our top tips helped – please get in touch if you’d like further advice on all things Intranet!