We have 15 delivery centres across Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Colombia. These Delivery Centres are responsible for the recruitment, career development and deployment of our people.

Working in partnership with our clients and account teams they are responsible for deploying the right skills and experience to deliver high quality client and industry solutions. When on a client engagement, all delivery people report into the account teams ensuring they are measured and rewarded based on the delivery success we achieve with our clients.

A look into Endava’s nearshoring capabilities with Rob Machin


With a community of over 50,000 IT professionals and more than 3,500 IT graduates per year, Serbia is recognised for engineering talent, excellent English skills, very good connections to European capitals.

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Home to over 8 million inhabitants, Bogota has a rich cultural heritage and stands out for its economic strength and financial maturity. It has the highest nominal GDP in the country and, in 2008, the UK’s World Cities Study Group and Network (GaWC) ranked Bogota among the cities instrumental in linking their region or state to the world economy.

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Bucharest is Romania’s largest city and capital, and also the largest IT centre in Romania with a community of over 60,000 professionals and over 5,000 IT graduates are added up every year.

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The birthplace of the tango, Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and offers a vibrancy similar to what you might find in New York City. The city is a top tourist destination that is known for its European style architecture and culture, so much so that it is sometimes referred to as the “Paris of South America.” Buenos Aires is rich in theatres, opera, symphonies, museums, literary halls, fine art, fashion and dance.

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Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova and is Moldova’s main industrial and commercial centre and is the most economically prosperous city in Moldova.

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Cluj-Napoca is “the Heart of Transylvania” and the second largest city in Romania, after the capital Bucharest. With a history going back to Roman times, the city has always been a cultural and economic landmark with historically strong connections to Western Europe.

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