Data migration can be a substantial cost within an already complex Guidewire claims, policy or billing implementation progamme. To significantly reduce the time, effort and cost of your transformation project, Endava introduces an exceptional migration solution; Agile Mission.

Agile Mission allows your data to be extracted from multiple data sources, then mapped, transformed and loaded into your target system/s – Guidewire ClaimCenter™, Guidewire PolicyCenter™ or Guidewire BillingCenter™.

The solution is designed for any data migration and can confidently deliver your migration programme robustly and securely.

The technology:

  • Offers note-taking and communication management for smart collaboration
  • Reconciles data to ensure data integrity and validity
  • Provides visibility of the migration process and extensive reporting
  • Reduces timescales and risk through automation
  • Enables repeatable, reliable and scalable transformation of data
  • Simplifies the mapping of data tables and fields
  • Undertakes data analysis, cleansing and enhancement
  • Extracts data from your data sources and stages the data

How does it work?

Data connection and output

Agile Mission is data source and target agnostic. It works with origin databases or data sources, including legacy systems. It outputs transformed data to your target system through Guidewire APIs, or alternatively, to your Guidewire database staging tables.
The solution is flexible and scalable, from small portfolios to large-scale data migrations. Mappings and transformations can be stored and saved for reuse, even bespoke data can be reliably and repeatedly migrated.


Agile Mission benefits

Agile Mission is a complete data migration solution for Guidewire claim, policy and billing transformation programmes, providing a controlled environment, and reducing risk. Its main benefits include:

  • A simple, logical process that lowers risk at go-live through reduced impact of any personnel changes and less reliance on ‘key’ staff
  • Improved mapping process with visualisation of data on-screen, filtered mapping views and real-time previews of transformed data that encourages rapid mapping, testing and review cycles
  • Full migration history enabling a migration run to resume where the previous run finished, allowing staged migrations with only new or previously un-migrated data migrated
  • Web-based dashboard and reports based on migration data and reconciliation reports to improve business visibility and increase confidence in the migration process
  • Raw reporting and history data stored in a SQL migration database, allowing access by other reporting tools and the creation of bespoke reports
  • Comprehensive reconciliation processes to verify the transformation process, the end to end migration process and any target system processing that may have been applied
  • Reduced migration risk at go-live with the repeatability of migrations in different modes and visibility of intended results, transformations and errors
  • An extremely powerful extraction process, compatible with multiple database and file types that enables large volumes of data to be extracted at high speed, providing a major positive impact for go-live weekends