Insurance legacy systems

Another fantastic event on digital enablement in legacy environments

Insurance legacy systems | Georgina | 19 December 2017

On Tuesday 12th December we ran an event aimed at those in the insurance industry who are involved in the delivery of their company’s digital strategy (e.g. Marketing, Claims, Business Development, IT).

We’re very glad to say it was a huge success which has led us to host the same event next month.

The event covered (and will continue to cover at our next event):

  • How to extend the lifespan and functionality of your existing (legacy) systems
  • Enable digital insurance delivery across multiple channels, and introduce self-service
  • Tackling mainframe/green screen environments – how to work with challenging applications
  • An overview of Agile Bridge, a digital enablement service which connects front and back-end systems

As the insurance industry makes inroads to be more adaptable to digital methods, our event answered lots of questions from attendees of many insurance backgrounds. The event was oversubscribed, and on the day we held interesting discussions on how digital can work in an existing legacy environment.

Many insurers have systems and applications that, while core to the business, struggle to meet emerging expectations. To remain at the forefront of the competition, insurers must be able to adapt digitally. 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience (Source: Harris Interactive).

Endava’s CEO Roy Murphy, who presents at the event, said: ‘Providing a digital self-service capability is now a business imperative. It’s not a ‘nice-to have’ or getting ahead of the competition – it’s keeping up with the competition. You can’t afford to wait for a drawn-out transformation project to finish. You need to be able to maximise what you’ve already got in a very timely manner. If your current digital strategy is going to be implemented over two or three years then you’re already too late. You’ll need to act now, and we’ve got the expertise for this exact need.’

Our experts at the event spoke about how insurance companies can be completely transformed using some key methods. We also have a handy white paper on the subject for attendees.

It will be held at The Perrier-Jouët Room, 30 St Mary’s Axe on Thursday, 25th January. It may be the best decision your company has ever made!