Bring life into your Microsoft 365 environment with Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps has been around for a while, mainly being part of Microsoft 365’s Power Platform. The Platform incorporates three main areas of intelligence within the Microsoft 365 suite: Power Automate (previously Flow), Power BI (a sophisticated reporting tool), and Power Apps.

Power Apps, for those who aren’t familiar, essentially allows flexibility within Microsoft 365 – especially for niche environments where an out of the box product doesn’t quite work.

According to Microsoft, companies want to do more with data. 70% of organisations believe their data is not used to its fullest extent. Data is more valuable than ever. However, there’s so much of it readily available that it can be difficult to know how, when and even if to use it to your advantage.

Microsoft Power Apps can streamline your environment so your best data is put to work; whether it’s for sophisticated document management or perhaps to enhance the experience of internal users on your company intranet.

Power Apps is designed to drive digital transformation for businesses. Albeit a low code solution for in-house developers, the tool has a whole host of capabilities that can be accelerated with efficient customisation.

What can I build with Power Apps?

Power Apps allows developers to be as restricted or creative as they like. It’s primarily designed for functionality to be created within low-code solutions, that can be customised further where necessary to allow for efficient automation in your Microsoft 365 environment.

You could get started with:

  • A contract management system (we’ve built these for clients!)
  • A policy management system (same here!)
  • A request tool – for things like reports or specific document types from another department
  • Security protocols
  • Business logic implementation
  • Dashboard creation
  • Custom designed auditable forms
  • Create portals

The above are just some initial examples of how you can control the movement of your data. That’s essentially where Power Apps is its most useful; if your data is scattered and almost uncontrollable, you can utilise this tool to harness further capabilities within your organisation.

We’ve built various tools and solutions for our clients using Power Apps. The technology, as always – is fantastic as long as you;re using it properly and not too much (we wrote an article here showcasing some examples where automating shouldn’t perhaps be the first option in an organisation).

Watch our webinar here about how businesses can build resilience through the power of automation and workflow.