Business Agility now part of UK government’s G-Cloud Framework

CCS G Cloud Supplier

Business Agility has recently been made an approved supplier within the UK Government’s G-Cloud Framework.

Business Agility has been accepted onto the latest Framework, G-Cloud 11. This Framework allows Business Agility to deliver a suite of services to any government department or affiliated organisation requiring technology for digital projects.

What kind of digital projects can Business Agility deliver?

The big ones we’ve delivered to our clients surround SharePoint migration and support projects. We’ve worked with SharePoint since 2001. In that time, we’ve struck up long-term, proactive partnerships with clients in a wide range of sectors – companies who come to us with diverse requirements for which there’s no single solution. Our consultants are often asked to migrate data and applications from a legacy system – or even multiple legacy systems – that have grown up over a space of years and come to be a thorn in the workforce’s side.

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About G-Cloud

If there’s one benefit of G-Cloud that stands out from all the others, it’s the ease of use for procurement.

Increasing pressure on public sector for governance and compliance, budget restrictions, and more can make procurement tricky. G-Cloud aims to make life easier for buyers to make a well-informed decision when selecting a digital supplier. Being on the official list of G-Cloud suppliers can give buyers even more confidence that we as a business can successfully meet the requirements that the public sector poses.

View our profile on the official list of approved suppliers here.