Business Intelligence

Are you making the most of your data?

Companies are struggling to understand and analyse the huge volumes of data that they accumulate at all levels of their organisation and across multiple devices and systems. These companies need powerful business intelligence (BI) solutions that, in addition to providing self-service capabilities, can accommodate the full spectrum of reporting and analysis requirements, which enable IT to effectively satisfy the needs of the business.

As Business Intelligence (BI) specialists, we have helped numerous clients leverage the data they’re already collecting to build more effective and efficient business processes. From complex data management to interactive management dashboards, our skills in designing, deploying and customising Business Intelligence offerings result in quick and substantial returns.

We find organisations often overlook SharePoint as a BI solution. However it has exceptionally powerful capabilities and excels in comparison with typical ‘off the shelf’ providers.

How can SharePoint improve BI in your organisation?

SharePoint’s BI features allow you to focus your resources and get the right information (from structured and unstructured data) to the right people faster. This leads to smarter and more informed decisions.

Where do we come in?

We’re a professional services company, so essentially we sell our expertise. When you engage with us, that’s what you get: expertise.

We have a history of successfully designing and delivering complex projects for household name companies. We use Microsoft products and focus on design and delivery.

We are Gold Certified Partners and we were one of the very few to be selected to participate within the SharePoint ​Partner Enablement Programme. This opportunity and experience puts us ahead of the game regarding the technology and specifically with delivering Business Intelligence solutions.

The Benefits of Microsoft BI and us

Lower total cost of ownership. Utilise your existing investments in technologies including SAP, SQL Server, SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office​ to drive end-user adoption, dramatically reduce per-user costs, and generate unprecedented value.

Enjoy rapid deployment and faster time-to-benefits. Promote wide-spread adoption and benefits with the intuitive-to-use, yet powerful Business Intelligence capabilities embedded within the everyday productivity tools your employees already use.

An Agile method for project delivery. We adopt a streamlined, collaborative approach to projects which guarantees a faster and more efficient implementation with decreased risk and increased ROI.

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Get out of Excel Hell with Power BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that can deliver insights from your organisation’s data. It enables you to connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data preparation (e.g. for reporting), and drive ad hoc analysis. Are you in Excel Hell? We can help!