How can an organised intranet benefit your business?

It is highly likely that your business will already be using an intranet in some way, but how can you make sure your company is getting the best possible experience from it?

At Business Agility we can advise you on how to develop your firm’s intranet through Microsoft’s SharePoint technology, to lead your organisation towards a more agile and innovative way of working.

Here, we’ve compiled a brief guide to the benefits of using an intranet, why it is important to keep the platform organised and how the SharePoint can help you to achieve this.

The benefits of using an intranet

An intranet tends to be the first screen that greets staff when they log on to their computers in the mornings, meaning it needs to be reasonably attractive to look at, as well as informative and organised.

The intranet is the ideal place for management and different departments to communicate their memos, as this means staff are more likely to see them and take note of their content, rather than losing them in their busy email inboxes.

It can also be a great hub for posting useful internal and external links in one central location, meaning employees can easily find information on everything from training documents to which team’s turn it is to buy milk and from dismissal procedures to amusing Buzzfeed links.

Data relating to clients can also be linked to the intranet, potentially helping to enhance your company’s customer service and improve your reputation, as locating information and other processes can be sped up.

An intranet can help to streamline administrative tasks as well, with forms being stored in one place assisting in saving time, as well as money.

What’s more, this can have environmental benefits, as fewer documents will need to be printed out multiple times, meaning printing costs can be reduced and the firm will be using less paper, therefore improving its green credentials.

The intranet may also help to create a certain sense of belonging and something of a company culture among your staff, as allowing everyone to be included in regular updates can promote togetherness and sharing within an organisation.

Why organisation matters

However, if your company’s intranet is not as organised as it could be, you and your employees won’t necessarily be getting the best possible experience from the platform.

Make sure your intranet is as well-optimised and well-presented as possible, as this will help your staff to get the most out of it. After all, your employees are the most important part of your organisation, so put in the same level of effort into internal platforms as you would attribute to your firm’s public-facing website.

In addition, try to refresh the content displayed on your intranet so that it is as fresh as possible. Publish a range of industry news round-ups, light-hearted blogs detailing your staff’s weekend activities, video bulletins and visual images to keep the platform as interesting and informative as you can.

There’s no need to worry too much about getting your branding and logos perfect on the intranet, as no one except your employees will be seeing it, but if the page looks too corporate, disorganised or simply boring, it is unlikely that they will be as engaged as they could be with the company and its goings-on.

If you feel that your employee’s need a nudge to check out the latest information on your intranet, send them an enticing email hinting at some exciting new content that can be viewed there.

You also need to make sure that staff are informed of updates and changes to the platform that may affect their user experience or if you alter where certain information is kept.

Remember that although it may not seem the case, keeping your intranet organised is extremely important – after all, if you can’t make sure your own platforms are in check, how can you be totally sure that you’re providing a good service to your clients and customers?

How can SharePoint help?

If you’re struggling to keep your intranet organised, or need assistance with building new sections of it, this is where Microsoft’s SharePoint can come into play.

The technology is extremely agile when it comes to making changes, as it can easily support alterations, making it a highly adaptable addition to your company’s digital portfolio.

For example, when adding new content or links, the process is pretty much seamless with SharePoint and there’s no need to worry about getting the presentation of the page too perfect if you don’t intend for it to be viewed by external parties.

SharePoint can be used from the very beginning of your intranet building journey, helping you to design the platform, test it and officially launch it.

However, it is important to remember that your SharePoint use needs to be ongoing – if you stop using it, any future changes you make to your firm’s intranet might not run as smoothly.

To find out more about how SharePoint can help you to keep your intranet organised, get in touch with one of the Business Agility team today.