NFU Mutual selects Business Agility as its Solution Assurance partner to oversee major Guidewire System delivery

NFU Mutual, the UK’s leading rural insurer, has selected Business Agility, Europe’s first ever Guidewire delivery partner, as its Solution Assurance partner, to support a multi-year transformation programme.


With a heavy focus on its customers, NFU Mutual required full digitisation of its policy and administration processes. In order to increase long-term efficiency, it was imperative that NFU Mutual invested in a system that can allow for speedier system changes moving forward.

Moving the business forward, and away from a legacy system, using Guidewire PolicyCenter, BillingCenter and DataHub, NFU Mutual will be able to fulfil its requirement to continue to be more customer-centric. It will also be able to upgrade these new systems faster and effortlessly without impeding the customer experience.

Partner selection

This multi-year transformation programme will navigate a great number of challenges and reshape many processes. A tri-partite delivery model was decided upon; NFU Mutual, a SI delivery partner and, crucially, a Solution Assurance partner.

With an Agile delivery methodology approach and acting as ‘One Team’, this major transformation programme began in January 2020. Despite unprecedented global disruption due to COVID-19, the team persevered with a remote working model, to ensure that no momentum was lost.

The Solution Assurance partner acts as NFU Mutual’s qualified eyes and ears on the programme. When conducting large-scale programmes such as NFU Mutuals’, it is essential to provide technical oversight and analysis in real-time. This proactive prediction and management of risks and the recommended corrective actions helps to avoid issues and maintains high technical conformity.

Prevention is better than cure.

Business Agility has been delivering, supporting and overseeing insurance transformation programmes for decades. Due to its attitude and unparalleled experience with both the insurance industry and Guidewire’s software products, it was selected as NFU Mutual’s Solution Assurance partner.

Business Agility also provided support and guidance on forming the delivery teams for the Programme, recommending best practice for both the structure and the roles and responsibilities of NFU Mutual’s resources.

The solution for NFU Mutual:

Business Agility is heavily involved in steering and driving the direction of NFU Mutual’s programme through Solution Assurance. It is working closely with NFU Mutual and its partners, conducting technical peer to peer reviews and planning from delivery and day-to-day standpoint at all levels of the programme.

In addition to its Solution Assurance expertise, Business Agility is also supporting NFU Mutual’s Guidewire BillingCenter Upgrade, by providing highly certified and experienced development resources.

The new Guidewire systems will underpin NFU Mutual’s customer-first ethos and enable the insurer to drive greater efficiency, offering its members broader and more innovative products and a rich user experience.

The expanded use of the Guidewire Suite will enable NFU Mutual to:

  • Ensure more flexible and Agile product management that will allow for faster implementation and system changes
  • Introduce new Policy and Administration approach and Digital channels that will enrich customer and agent journeys, greatly enhancing their experiences
  • Increase the capacity for better quality interactions and deeper relationships with customers.

Business Agility’s deep Guidewire implementation experience in both General Insurance and the London Market, places it in a higher position than other System Integrators. As NFU Mutual’s Solution Assurance partner, Business Agility will ensure the technical oversight, business readiness and quality protection in NFU Mutual’s transformation programme.

Once the solution is delivered, it’ll be easier for NFU Mutual to maintain and upgrade moving forward. NFU Mutual will also have improved reporting capabilities which will allow its contact centre staff to serve its customers better – which in turn will increase both customer retention and acquisition.

Although the initial focus is ensuring best practice is followed throughout the PolicyCenter implementation, other Guidewire Suite products are in-line such as BillingCenter, ClaimCenter, InfoCenter, and DataHub. The final result is the full systems lifecycle to be embedded into NFU Mutual.

Steve Bower (NFU Mutual’s Customer Services Director and main board member) commented, “We see the role Business Agility will play in our PolicyCenter implementation as critical to the successful delivery and adoption of the improvements we deliver for our customers, as we seek to maintain and enhance our passion for market-leading customer experience.

“We believe a proactive Assurance partnership with Business Agility, will ensure that the solution we deliver is grounded in a robust design, not only for a successful initial launch but also giving a sustainable solution over time, as we continue to be a great company to do business with.”

“Effective Solution Assurance is far more than ‘arm’s length’ periodic and retrospective code quality reviews, highlighting areas where improvements could have been made in the past…”,   Business Agility’s Chief Executive Officer, Roy Murphy explained, “…but arming our clients with certified and deeply qualified pairs of eyes and ears that are immersed inside the delivery teams, proactively protecting clients’ transformation programmes from the countless opportunities to fall short of the required standards. As well as technical excellence, this also includes optimising the Agile methodology and the resource profiles and processes, that together will ensure a high-quality delivery, on time and within budget. Previous experience proves that our engagement has saved our clients millions in wasted time and effort as a consequence of poor practice. Prevention is better than cure; it’s so important to get it right first time.”

About Business Agility

Business Agility is a specialist systems integrator with a focus on the delivery of Agile technical solutions that remove inefficiencies and improving insurers’ combined ratios.

The types of projects delivered are varied, but a common objective is to bring about greater efficiency. Whether it’s implementing a policy or claims management system, offering Solution Assurance services for transformation programmes, extending capabilities of existing systems or reducing claims leakage, Business Agility has been instrumental in helping large insurers save money.

Business Agility’s in-depth knowledge of all lines of business, coupled with an evolutionary approach to replacing legacy applications, enables a risk-reduced engagement and improved solution delivery.

About NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual offers a wide range of products, including general insurance, life, pensions, and investments. These products and services are delivered through the agency network, as well as through a direct sales and service centre. With over 300 offices located in rural towns and villages throughout the UK, NFU Mutual has become part of the fabric of rural life and remains committed to serving the needs of people who visit, live or work in the countryside.

NFU Mutual has been named the Which? Award winner Insurance Brand of the Year for 2020 and is proud to deliver more than simply insurance. Making farming safer, supporting rural initiatives across the UK and helping to look after the environment are just some of the ways it does that.

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