Case Studies

Guidewire ClaimCenter Implementation ensures product demand is increased yet affordable

Case Studies | 3 September 2020

Business Problem/Objective for the Guidewire ClaimCenter® Implementation

To differentiate itself in a changing insurance landscape this global insurer wanted to implement a new claims system to streamline processes and system infrastructure. Namely, a Guidewire ClaimCenter Implementation.

Their overarching vision was (and is) to:

Increase demand for insurance products and to ensure the cost of a premium was affordable through the best claims cost control in the market.

The General Insurer selected the latest version of Guidewire ClaimCenter® to support this vision. It had several specific claims initiatives and objectives to reach, namely to:

  • Optimise operational expenses through more efficient claims handling
  • Speed up claims processing and reduce claim fulfilment cycle times
  • Introduce more robust fraud management through automated referrals, end-to-end fraud management and case management services
  • Automate manual processes & streamline working practices & improve the working experience, job satisfaction of claims handlers
  • Extend the claims processing environment to policyholders, agents, partners, providers, and employees
  • Systematically enforce claims management best practices across all policy types, business relationships, and regulatory requirements
  • Provide a common and compliant reporting solution to all relevant governing and regulatory bodies

It was crucial that this implementation adhered as closely to the ‘Out of the Box’ Guidewire ClaimCenter system as possible.

After a thorough selection process that involved every European Guidewire partner, Endava was engaged as the system implementation partner because of its recognised capability and unmatched track-record of success with all UK lines of business.

Approach, delivery and team roles

The Endava delivery team included Programme Management, Requirement Capturing, demonstration of the product from out of the box and project sizing. Specific roles included:

  • Team Leader – DSDM Team Leader role – facilitating a motor team tasked with the delivery of user stories/requirements within the engineering timebox phase
  • Business Analysts – DSDM Business Analyst role – Supporting communication between the business, technical members of the team and the test teams. Manage all requirements documentation and facilitates requirement gathering/estimation workshops
  • Lead Configuration Developer – Guidewire Configuration developer tasked with providing software solutions to requirements, providing technical support to the Business Analysts, Business Advisors, Business Ambassador
  • Configuration Developer – Guidewire Configuration developer tasked with providing software solutions to requirements
  • Business Lead – Facilitated the initial Discovery and Inception phases looking at the business operation changes that will be required to support the transformation programme and provide a plan for business change elements during the releases

Endava delivered the project on-site using an Agile methodology and business-led approach. To ensure requirements were captured correctly, risks mitigated and budget adhered to, Endava worked closely with nominated stakeholders and business heads.

Endava integrated the new Guidewire system with existing internal policy systems and multiple external third-party systems at both phases of the business transformation programme.

Appropriate accelerators were reviewed and deployed based on the suitability for business requirements. Configuration and integration streams applied coding standards and guidelines in line with Centre of Excellence recommendations.

Key learnings from the ClaimCenter Implementation

Not only was this an implementation of a new claims system but also a key component of a much wider transformation program, involving all of the insurer’s IT key systems, as well as the re-modeling of the business to adopt a new Target Operating Model.  This required Endava to manage close communication between various departments and close involvement of all key stakeholders. This was accomplished in several ways;

  • Ensuring SME’s were an integral part of the development teams
  • Holding monthly town hall meetings where the progress would be reviewed and demonstrated
  • Regular design review meeting would involve parties from all downstream systems that may be affected

Key learnings from this process included:

  • A reduction in the volume of data migration reduces the risk
  • Only innovative thinking and a delivery team with deep Guidewire experience could ensure close alignment with ‘Out of the Box’ delivery objectives (94%)
  • Ensure infrastructure is in place before the engineering phase begins
  • Plan and allow for a suitable stabilisation period for testing/fixing any final end-to-end scenario defects
  • A committed ‘One Team’ attitude from both the client and the vendor is crucial
  • Importance of Vendor knowledge and experience in shaping and developing the solution
  • Ensure buy-in and sustained support from the Senior Leadership Team
  • Adopt and maintain Continuous learning throughout the programme

Meeting objectives and results for the ClaimCenter Implementation

Following delivery the insurer is now using a single Claims solution across its motor lines of business and Travel is underway with Release 2. The global insurer is enabling a flexible Claims Operating Model, allowing Claims Handlers to focus on the actions, within its control, required to drive a claim to settlement. The programme has been underpinned by the following 6 KPIs supported by 3 key enablers:

  • Target Operating Model
  • Core Technology
  • Digital Tools

KPIs included:

  • eNOL increase
  • Mass Automation of processes
  • Fraud reduction
  • Reduction of claims leakage
  • Minimising expense ratio

Key results:

  • Guidewire ClaimCenter is a live, functioning Implemented within timescales (2 weeks’ ahead of schedule)
  • The programme was implemented has resulted in significant Claims cost reductions (on track to hit its KPI)
  • 94% Guidewire Out of the Box conformity rating (as recorded and verified by Guidewire Health checks)
  • Knowledge transfer to internal developers progressing according to agreed plan
  • Programme delivered under budget
  • Zero defects recorded

One of the top 10 UK Personal Line Insurers selects Endava to implement its Guidewire ClaimCenter system. Read our case study here.