Collaboration in Microsoft 365 enhanced with pop-out chat feature

By now, many users will be familiar with the workings of Microsoft Teams. Whether it’s been forced upon us during these disruptive times of sudden remote-working, or if we’ve always used the platform. Collaboration, for some, has been a steep learning curve – enabled by tools such as Microsoft Teams.

A new feature on the instant-messaging side of the tool now allows users to pop-out individual chat boxes; so you can continue to use Teams for effective document management and collaboration.

Until this recent update, users had to abandon their instant chats with coworkers to be able to delve into other Teams. This enables them to co-author documents, upload and distribute files, and more. For users who wanted to update documents in the live Teams environment had to put their individual chats on hold.

It seems Microsoft are listening to the ways their users are using the tools and improving them to make them more intuitive.

Microsoft Teams enhances collaboration

Many users know this already; Microsoft Teams, part of the Microsoft 365 suite (previously known to many as Office 365) is a tool preferred by many remote workers.

There’s a plethora of apps and platforms available within Microsoft 365. Teams draws them all together – this ensures that:

  • user adoption of remote working tools and unfamiliar apps within Microsoft 365 can be improved
  • the tools are available to those in the organisation that need them
  • the Microsoft 365 suite is being utilised in the best way possible for your organisation’s individual needs

Collaboration, now more than ever, is going to play a huge part in the way businesses conduct their business moving forward. Previously, having excellent communication between siloed departments was perhaps a nice-to-have. Now, enhancing communication across all barriers in the business will be essential for companies to thrive.

The new pop-out feature, albeit a small update, is a step towards streamlining a tool that eventually we’ll be unable to live without. The better these tools become, the more users will begin to not only rely on them for basic functions at work, but use them to excel at their jobs.

Our recent webinar here goes into detail about another step many other businesses are beginning to take – and those involve automation and workflow.

We’re experts at utilising Microsoft 365 for effective collaboration within any organisation – big or small. Each business is different; and with so many tools at your disposal, you’ll be quick to realise that Microsoft 365 isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ platform. The best way to get the most out of Microsoft 365 is to use only the tools you need – and use them well. Get in touch with us to hear more.