Do you rely on a myriad of critical, yet disparate insurance systems? Does connecting them seem like an insurmountable mountain has to be scaled?

Whether your vantage point is that of an Architect, Head of IT or Transformation Programme Manager – we recognise that system change is complex and time consuming.

Even if a large-scale transformation programme isn’t on the horizon, the driving need for greater efficiency and better working system presents a whole host of headaches.

As a system integrator specialising in the insurance industry, we have a deep understanding of those challenges. This experience highlighted a burning need for an elegant, light weight and non-intrusive solution to remedy those challenge. We wanted to provide our clients with a cutting-edge solution for the connection of disparate systems. Our aim is to enable our clients to embrace change and enable technologies which power new customer experiences.

This is why we created Agile Bridge.

The solution has been designed to specifically connect one or more business systems to an external system, enabling flexible and robust data transfer.  As a non-intrusive and component-based platform, it can deliver:

  • cohesive system connection
  • a consistent user experience
  • real-time or batch data transfer
  • better interoperability

Agile Bridge facilitates the robust transfer of real-time or batch process data between back-end and front-end systems

Agile Bridge is a technological solution which allows two (or more) separate, unconnected systems to communicate with each other. Little or no adaptions are required to your internal systems, preventing the need for expensive IT developments to existing platforms.

Agile Bridge can transact data to a plethora of external systems, including back office systems, cloud platforms, websites, portals and more.

Agile Bridge is specifically designed to connect systems which don’t ordinarily talk to each other. It is lighter and less complex than an ESB solution and allows for smart connections between systems (eg your back-end core processing systems and your front-end portals).

It is a non-disruptive service that sits at an abstracted level, facilitating elegant integration, all without needing to affect any existing functional code.


Using smart rules to process data via real-time or batch processes, Agile Bridge spans the gap across different types of systems.

Agile Bridge is scalable; begin small and add new services when you need them, growing with your customer base.

Agile Bridge powers your system to system connections, enabling the very latest technologies to be utilised in the experiences today’s customers demand.

Use Agile Bridge to:

  • Transact data between an insurer claims system and a customer-facing website
  • Simultaneously connect multiple underwriting platforms to a broker portal
  • Connect a new system to an existing database during the process of decommissioning an old system

And many, many more applications. Just ask us how we can help.