Construction, like manufacturing and property, has stringent regulations. Not only are they accountable for themselves and their staff, the construction industry is also accountable for the health and safety of the public in surrounding areas to building sites. High-risk industries such as construction must have procedures in place to record, store and monitor such governance processes.

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Headaches in this industry may include:

  • Paper-based systems
  • Large projects with many people involved at different stages – a need for effortless collaboration
  • Systems that must be updated in real-time. This industry is beholden to tight deadlines and risk assessments.

Our experience in the construction industry

BRE (Building Research Establishment) is an important force within the construction and built environment. With a key focus on driving health, safety and well being in the built environment BRE took over ownership of the YellowJacket application. This application is well known in the construction industry and is recognised as the leading online Health & Safety system that building, development and construction companies utilise.

Read the case study about our work with BRE here.

How we are helping our construction clients

In addition to the SharePoint-based system being delivered on time and with greater enhancements for the YellowJacket user community, BRE have also benefited from the following:

  • reduced investment needed for development
  • lower support costs
  • access to a pool of SharePoint expertise
  • wider coverage of application across mobile platforms
  • a move away from black box 3rd party intellectual property for mobile service provision
  • an increase in YellowJacket’s adoption

Now with YellowJacket within BRE’s Site Smart, future plans are already underway. BRE and Business Agility continue to work in partnership on the continuous development of new features for the system since the project inception. This work is modifying and enhancing the YellowJacket app and that work carries on with new functionality being designed all the time.

“Working with Business Agility has allowed us to implement a SharePoint solution that totally encapsulated the YellowJacket system requirements. The project delivered met our immediate requirements as well as the long-term requirements of BRE, YellowJacket and its users.

Business Agility shared our ethos of wanting to create a trusted partnership and dependable, results-driven system.”

Priya Naik, Product Manager for YellowJacket at BRE

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