Contract Management

A common need in organisations is Contract Management – yet people often don’t recognise that it is a system that can be implemented using the Microsoft platform. With sophisticated functionality it can more than meet the needs for managing the full life cycle of contracts. And this is something we want all our clients to realise – once you’ve made an investment in Microsoft 365 it’s important you get the best business benefits from it.

Moving from a paper-based environment, filing contracts in a physical location (the office, remember that place?) we have quickly found ourselves with:

  • The challenge of managing all that paper
  • Difficulty tracking contracts
  • Poor visibility of contract status
  • Messy audit trails and non-compliance

Contract Management Solutions with Microsoft 365

Automation and digitisation are concepts now being embraced at levels never seen before. Businesses need to drive efficiency and embed resilience at every level. Our Contract Management solution harnesses both those concepts – enabling a low code, low investment system that enables a level of digital transformation much needed in today’s environment.

contract management

Monitoring contract life cycles, ensuring compliance, minimising financial exposure, and increasing efficiencies – these are the minimums a Contract Management solution needed to meet.

Our Contract Management Solution is configured using the power of Microsoft SharePoint and leverages several other Microsoft 365 applications. It empowers you to manage contracts from preliminary to procurement. The solution simplifies the process of storing contract documents, viewing contracts by stage, automating the sign-off process through workflow. The solution delivers;

  • Greater efficiency and risk management
  • Improved financial position
  • Increased contract visibility
  • Rich contract search functionality
  • Assured contract compliance
  • Simplified sign-off process
  • Enhanced and robust security

Contact us today to understand more on how this could be applied in your organisation.

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