Endava has been closely monitoring the developments of the impact of COVID-19 and has followed the advice provided by HM Government. Endava’s priority is to keep staff safe while continuing to deliver its functions.

In accordance with Government advice all Endava personnel are now working from home where possible.

Endava has closed its Head Office until further notice and will remain closed until it is considered absolutely necessary, with all available precautions in place.

Endava will continue to monitor the situation and any further updates will follow on its website and Twitter.

To remain vigilant and ensure Endava continues to minimise cyber-threat disruptions, staff are aware they need to follow these messages.

 1. Consistently follow company policies

  • Policy, guidelines and rules for accessing the company network outside the office. Staff are to report any suspicious behaviour and follow basic standards: for example: keep an up-to-date operating systems, antivirus and malware, regular scanning, etc.

2. Use company approved storage solutions

  • Make sure all work data is stored in a secure location that is approved.
  • Only use company-approved devices and consult Endava’s IT department if using a personal device to connect to corporate networks
  • When connecting to home WiFi, ensure you have a strong password and avoid using public or unsecured networks.

3. Be mindful of online hygiene

  • Be careful of clicking on suspicious links, especially if related to Coronavirus. Attackers are using that fear and a false sense of urgency will better prompt victims to click without thinking.

4. Make sure computers, mobile devices, and apps are running the latest version of its software.


If you have any questions about Endava’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak, don’t hesitate to get in touch.