Document Management

Industry strength, enterprise-level document management

If your organisation is an information-heavy business then you will probably be trying to make the best use of its ever-growing content and data. Good Document Management is about collaboration. It promotes efficiency, good governance and streamlines processes.

A Document Management system can mean different things to different people. Typically it’s a system that automates processes, manages versions of data as it changes and controls​ permissions and security.

The typical document management scenarios that we design and build for are: ​

  • Web content management
  • Document and record management
  • Workflow and data automation management

Anyone that tells you that SharePoint’s document management capabilities don’t scale then, frankly they don’t understand SharePoint. In fact, SharePoint 2013 electronically stores and organises all documents in ways that make sense for your workflow and access needs, and can be easily retrieved with its rich enterprise-search. Distribution control enables sensitive information to be filtered down to the page level, but also allows for documents, types of documents, or project-specific documents to go to those who need to see them. With interactive version control you won’t have outdated information being used by one person just because the latest version isn’t in their files, and all revisions are automatically tracked.

Whether your content is held in a single repository or across thousands of disparate systems, Business Agility can help you interact and control it in the most efficient and scalable way.

Talk to us today about your Document Management needs – we might even surprise you by explaining how you can marry the far reaching collaboration ability of SharePoint with its superior DMS capabilities. All of this will result in a vastly reduced effort in the storing, accessing and working with your content.

A guide to records and document management

Our free guide gives records managers and those in similar roles a best practice guide on how to use SharePoint for their records management needs. Every organisation is different, and SharePoint is a very flexible tool that many will already have access to.