Engage your audience with PowerPoint Live

The phrase ‘death by PowerPoint’ is something many of us have experienced at one point or another. We’ve been in meetings or lectures when it’s difficult to follow along with the presentation, having to print out the slides in advance just so we can comfortably follow along. Microsoft however, have decided to change that experience.

With more users working remotely, apps in the Microsoft suite have adapted to this changed user experience of business. The PowerPoint Live experience assists users in making their presentations more engaging and inclusive.

How does PowerPoint Live work?

With any of the apps within Microsoft 365, audience members using PowerPoint Live can connect from their device (laptop, tablet, or phone). Here they can follow along with the presentation, and they can also move back through the slides at their own pace without impacting the presenter.

The audience can also provide instant feedback to the presenter in the form of live reactions—and provide comments and rate the presentation at the end (see below).

PowerPoint Live feedback

Leave effective feedback for your presenter at the end of each PowerPoint Live Presentation

Subtitles, reactions and more

Within PowerPoint Live sits another interesting feature. Attendees can enable live subtitles in their preferred language on their own device. It will help not only support participants with hearing disabilities, but also break language barriers and make sure that everyone in the audience is engaged and included.

PowerPoint Live

Microsoft: PowerPoint Live Presentations can be accessed via QR codes and shortened URLs

Audience members can easily express themselves using Live Reactions, providing valuable information to the presenter on how the presentation is being received in real time. At the end of the presentation, the presenter will receive an email with collated feedback including comments, which can help them improve future presentations.

If you’re using Microsoft Teams, simply connect to the Teams call and share the screen where you have presentation in PowerPoint for web and click “Present Live.” Attendees on the Teams call can see the QR code and short URL they can use to connect to the live presentation.

If anyone is late to the presentation, they will see the captions and already captured transcript along the previous slides. Attendees can switch through the slide deck on their own; a feature many us are grateful for when presenters are speedy!

If you require any support or assistance with this new feature, just get in touch.