Enhancing your digital workplace with Office 365

The term ‘digital workplace’ is fast-growing trend. Technology in organisations is at the forefront of most business processes. Because of this, it’s starting to replace the physical workplace environment. Therefore, businesses need to take a step back and reconsider how traditional and technological processes can increase efficiency. One of the top ways businesses can increase efficiency in a technological sense is by using the best tools available. SharePoint and Office 365 are highly effective in enhancing your digital workplace. Whether it’s for an intranet, or perhaps you want to simply fine-tune some basic processes in the company, these platforms can be key to digital workplace success.

If you’re planning on having SharePoint power your intranet, then click here and download our handy guide. It’ll give you best practice tips for the planning process!

Do I have a digital workplace already?

Quite possibly! Before more sophisticated intranets came about, you would’ve had somewhere central in your business with the following:

  • Phone book/collection of contacts
  • Policies from HR
  • Corporate information such as bulletins and news

Perhaps you now have a step up from this basic system – perhaps you have the above, plus:

  • Employee self service systems such as booking holiday or posting news
  • HR systems
  • Collaboration tools for internal teams and departments
  • Internal social networks

All of the above contribute in some way to having a digital workplace. Perhaps however those features aren’t being properly utilised. There are apps and functionalities within SharePoint and Office 365 that can greatly enhance the presence and purpose of your digital workplace. If you want a more sophisticated digital workplace, Office 365 and SharePoint can assist with the following:

Team collaboration

It can be frustrating when processes grind to a halt because of a lack of communication. Apps within Office 365 can greatly alleviate this issue. Teams for example is a great resource. Being a cloud based app, you can access it on the go whenever you like. If you’re looking to improve collaboration within your organisation, Teams is one way to improve this. Additionally, Office 365 allows you to:

  • Edit documents simultaneously (no more email ping pong!)
  • Communicate instantly
  • Share files effortlessly
  • Locate information easily

Improve HR processes – go mobile

Some companies will have large Human Resources departments, some will have very small departments, and some may not have a dedicated team at all. In many cases, HR managers can find lots of processes to be cumbersome and arduous. With more users working flexibly, having access to software from a mobile device is hugely helpful. A digital workplace will benefit from having mobile-friendly HR processes.

Whether its end users trying to book holiday on the go, or administrators updating the system from home, SharePoint’s mobile-efficient interface can make your processes much easier. It makes the platform more adaptive to the ways in which your users choose to work. Restrictive platforms only slow things down – which is the last thing a fully functioning HR department needs!

Fine-tune reporting

If you’re looking to enhance the reporting capability in your organisation, then Office 365 may well be your best friend. Adding an extra layer of functionality to your digital workplace, Power BI is an app in the Office 365 suite that could greatly enhance your reporting processes. If it’s collecting information in a logical way that you’re looking for, then Forms – another app in Office 365 – can help you gather the information you need.

Read our guide about utilising reporting in SharePoint and Office 365 here.

A digital workplace doesn’t appear overnight, but the adoption of useful apps in Office 365 can help greatly if you want your organisation to be more flexible and collaborative.

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