Good looking news with Modern SharePoint

The concept of a ‘digital workplace’ (or intranet) in organisations is nothing new – however it is evolving (with the likes of Modern SharePoint news). The requirements needed from a good digital workplace have differed over the years.

Perhaps not so long ago, employees mainly used email or even in-office memos and noticeboards to communicate short messages. Nowadays, with more people embracing flexible working (and with the magic of the Cloud) the digital workplace has indeed matured into something with increased functionality and purpose.

One of the big advancements in the world of internal communications is how SharePoint has changed.

Modern SharePoint news allows you to craft and post good-looking content. Using SharePoint’s design principles, our consultants often craft news sites that are accessible, fast, dynamic, and most importantly – useful.

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Audience targeting with Modern SharePoint News

Having the ability to target specific groups of people with certain content is a must-have for SharePoint users. Set up your internal groups of people properly. Then, set them as the audience for any file, including news and pages. (An audience can include Office 365 groups and Azure Active Directory groups.) Audience targeting within SharePoint news sites wasn’t always easy to configure.

However, SharePoint’s Modern experience is continuously evolving to pay attention to audience targeting functionality moving forward. A point to be noted here is that audience targeting won’t be a substitute for audience permissions. Audience targeting is more of an augmentation. Audience targeting is designed to show content which is most useful to particular users in their role or even location. However, if content needs to be protected, site owners should additionally set the appropriate permissions on the content.

Good looking news

Governance and control over not only what the content talks about but how it looks is also essential to how a good news site is constructed. If the news piece doesn’t look professional or suitable for the tone of the piece, then the readers will disregard it. SharePoint is continuously evolving, and developments to its web parts now mean our consultants at Business Agility can design and create templates that are consistent with the look and feel of your site. We also deliver different levels of news sites, with workflows that make sure content in ‘child’ areas is distributed in a controlled way to a wider audience.

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Consider a modern SharePoint intranet for:

  • Flexible page views – on mobile, tablet, laptop, PC
  • Good looking news sites giving your workforce a clear and modern interface
  • If your workforce are in disparate offices or work from home – A SharePoint intranet can bring employees together
  • Easy setup regarding who sees what (via permissions and security)
  • A social aspect for your employees to keep in touch and share information
  • Efficient workflows to run in the background

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