Every insurer is unique in the way it serves its customers. Guidewire Cloud offers a platform that enables these insurers to keep these unique features while keeping the service levels up to date.

How does Guidewire Cloud work?

Each subscriber’s core systems are isolated as single-tenants so that each customer can decide when the service is updated. There are two releases every year, and subscribers need to be updated at least once each year at a time of their choosing.

New features on each new release are switched off by default so you can decide when you want to introduce them to your business. New capabilities as multitenant services are continuously being added.

Guidewire Cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses more than 30 web services. For existing Guidewire customers, the go-live to Guidewire Cloud will be on Oracle/SQL that has been upgraded to cloud, then the upgrade to Aurora (AWS) is rolled out in a subsequent maintenance release. New customers will automatically start on Aurora/AWS however.


  • Isolated, single-tenant core systems
  • Multitenant cloud-native services
  • Updates at the time of your choosing
  • Open and extensible APIs
  • Automated provisioning and testing
  • Embedded analytics

There will be key considerations insurers must take before migrating their environments to the Cloud, and at Endava we can help with that.

Get in touch with us today if you’re looking at exploring Guidewire Cloud. You can also see our Guidewire Implementation expertise here.

Our Team is highly experienced in the Agile delivery methodology using an on-site delivery model and crucially, adhering to Guidewire’s best practices. The team works with both IT and the business to optimise claims and policy management processes to ensure successful project implementation and the realisation of expected benefits.

With a pragmatic approach, we provide full-time, Guidewire-certified and experienced individuals across all roles including;

  • SCRUM training & coaching
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Configuration
  • Integration & Testing

Our Guidewire Partnership

Our partnership with Guidewire allows us to provide core systems implementation experience at a level similar to larger system integrators at a cost-effective price point, while maintaining a sustainable local presence.

We also differentiate ourselves by having a larger Guidewire presence on our projects than other systems integrators and we do this at a lower blended cost model.