Endava is uniquely positioned with our capabilities to assist you in the support and maintenance of all Guidewire InsuranceSuite modules. We have the infrastructure and processes in place to do greenfield support and maintenance, as well as provide point expertise on the client site as needed.

Support during a transformation programme

During a transformation programme, Endava can provide training and mentoring to your resources where appropriate and work with them closely through the implementation phases to ensure that knowledge is distributed amongst those resources as part of the overall transformation process. We also adopt and maintain a system of documentation in the form of a ‘wiki’ which serves as a repository of knowledge to aid transfer at the completion of the project.

We can establish a Guidewire support function, including assistance with recruitment, training and mentoring into the required roles. Our workshop-based training approach has proven very effective in allowing support teams to ‘hit the ground running’ as quickly as possible.

Support during testing

We are experienced in providing support to our clients’ test teams during the stress and load testing stage. We would usually recommend this approach, with stress, load and performance testing being managed by your test team, with support from us.  We would will install the software and setup the environments as required, as well as setting up the required user access and providing the product builds to be tested.

It is important to have a dedicated environment for such testing and to allow sufficient testing time for this activity, starting it as early as is reasonably possible.

Support after go-live

Core to our delivery philosophy is the transfer of knowledge, helping the client become self-sufficient by the end of the implementation schedule (or very soon afterwards). In some cases, this is neither possible nor desirable for the client and in these cases, operational support may be provided by Endava.  We provide this service to clients that require external support and/or high availability of mission critical applications.  The range of services cover ad-hoc ‘on demand’ 1st line support during Prime Shift, to 24×7 2nd and 3rd line support including on-site presence.  Within each service level, there are further options covering advice on best practice, version control, health checks, etc.

Post implementation support is available to provide expert Professional Services for application upgrades, enhancements, training, as well as advice on any aspect of Agile and Guidewire system functionality.

Our Guidewire Partnership

Our partnership with Guidewire allows us to provide core systems implementation experience at a level similar to larger system integrators at a cost-effective price point, while maintaining a sustainable local presence.

We also differentiate ourselves by having a larger Guidewire presence on our projects than other systems integrators and we do this at a lower blended cost model.