Too often training can be neglected during project delivery and even post go-live. However, from experience we know that training pays off when it overcomes user resistance to change and leads to faster adoption of new tools, technology and processes.

We’re expert in many different platforms – and have coached individuals and teams on best practice, knowledge management, roles and governance. We see training as an essential element of utilising systems to their utmost potential.


We are the leader in Guidewire integration services to the London Market and General Insurance industry.

Some examples of our training capability include:

  • Training and knowledge management for super users within your organisation
  • SCRUM training
  • Configuration
  • Integration and testing
  • Project management

We ensure our approach closely sticks to the Agile development methodology, ensuring Guidewire projects are delivered within budget and precisely in line with client requirements and priorities.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Guidewire expertise, please get in touch.