Harnessing Office 365: Insight into usage and adoption

Office 365 is an important platform and one that should be able to deliver improved productivity and better collaboration across an organisation. Ensuring users are comfortable and able to leverage the apps available and relevant to them is crucial. It’s a big reason why many organisations run extensive Adoption programmes to try and ensure the user workforce knows how to use and actually wants to use the new toolsets available.

Having a clear picture of usage and adoption is important – especially when you need to report back on how well the investment in the platform is doing. However, beyond traditional metrics how can an organisation gain deeper insight into adoption and, crucially, act on this data?

Glad you asked! Office 365 has just made available new dashboard views and toolsets. The dashboard is a free service that uses PowerBI to provides rich insights into how your Office 365 environment is being used and presents the data in a fully interactive dashboard format.  This enables admins to target specific users for training and gain insights into the overall collaboration and communication within your organisation – helping you provide and benefit from a truly modern workplace.