Health & Safety

Given the importance in every workplace, Health and safety plays a significant part for every company. From a legal standpoint its obvious, but from a position of driving efficiency it can be overlooked/neglected. However, this is where organisations can realise both innovation and savings.

The scope of health and safety is broad, as are the challenges that a solution needs to overcome. Eg:

  • Paper-based processes – these can be laborious and difficult to re-access when needed
  • Lack of communication; especially if the company spans across several countries
  • Health and safety audits can be a long-winded process for everyone involved

These common issues can be addressed with smart use of the stack available within Microsoft 365.

Our experience delivering Health & Safety solutions

We have delivered health and safety solutions, configured within Microsoft 365, for scores of clients. BRE relied on us to deliver there YellowJacket app (read the case study here) – this was a complex, but crucial project to deliver safety recording within the construction industry.

How we are supporting our clients with Health & Safety solutions

Thrive Homes is another client example who have greatly benefited from our reporting solutions using the Microsoft 365 stack. The Fire Assessment app we developed (using SharePoint, Power BI and Power Apps), allows sensitive data to be managed effectively online. This data is easily accessible for auditing and reporting purposes and alleviates the headache around paper-based processes.

The Health and Safety reporting value and power of both on premises and Microsoft cloud solutions (SharePoint, Microsoft 365) can enable you to ‘right-size’ and modernise your needs. Empowering you to dynamically respond and adapt.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maximise your investment in the Microsoft stack.