How can a Policy Tracking tool help your organisation?

Having good governance in the form of sound compliance procedures running throughout an organisation is essential. Well thought-out policies that are adhered to enable stability within the practices of your business. However, when policies are difficult to find, understand or implement, it can cause difficulties and potentially make your organisation vulnerable. Complexities can also arise from the management of a policy’s lifecycle; the administration alone can be an arduous and manual undertaking. Our policy tracking tool solves these issues.

It all comes down to governance. Document and records management, when executed poorly, can cause anything from communication errors and small frustrations to large legal headaches.

The typical reasons clients approach us for Document and Content Management are:

  • Finding the content they need, in a timely manner
  • Improving collaboration and communication
  • Ensuring there is ‘one version of the truth’ (i.e. no more multiple version of the same doc flying around on email!)
  •  Increased time and cost saving
  • Improved accessibility (mobile-friendly DMS, anyone?)
  • Greater productivity

SharePoint is a great platform for the management, storage and tracking of your company documents. Having said that, you need to start off on the right foot to ensure you maximise your investment in the platform (and don’t end up hating it). Ultimately, you want to remove hours of unnecessary admin time.

Our policy tool tool addresses the privacy of its users at the same time as acknowledging the importance of reporting and knowing who’s done what. Read more here about our policy tracking tool

How we can help with a policy tracking tool

Policy management shouldn’t be any different to good content management. Given the sensitive and vital nature of policies, it should be a priority within your organisation’s document management strategy.

You can always buy third party tools that handle policies for you; however if you have access to Office 365 and SharePoint, why spend extra budget? We are experts in document management within SharePoint.

We’ve helped countless clients over the years and provided hundreds of document management solutions. All of this will result in a vastly reduced effort in the storing, accessing and working with your content. Talk to us today about your Policy Management. If you’d like some more information about SharePoint and/ or Office 365, then please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Read here about our policy tracking tool