How could Microsoft 365 apps benefit each department?

One of many issues companies are facing during this commotion is that already-siloed departments are finding it increasingly problematic to collaborate and communicate with one another. Tools at their disposal are not being utilised properly, which can make the existing cracks in internal communication even worse. Below are some examples for how you might want some of your internal departments to embrace Microsoft 365 apps. Each department will have its own way of doing things, which is where Microsoft 365 can really come into its own. With the amazing collaboration potential, your workforce can collaborate like never before.

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Marketing can leverage Microsoft 365 apps

Marketing can manage public relations, event planning and their budget within Teams. They can add guests e.g. agencies with secure guest access. They can connect relevant third-party services to each channel, such as Bing News Alerts, Twitter Connector, Adobe Creative Cloud, HootSuite and YouTube.

When it comes to reporting, marketing can easily use Power BI and SharePoint to collate eye-catching reports for other departments.

Microsoft 365 apps for Sales departments

Sales can manage sales planning, RFP/Proposals within Microsoft Teams. They can set up monthly business reviews as meetings in Teams for example. Document sharing e.g. sales playbooks can be also be done from within Teams. They can also use apps like PowerBI, Planner or even task management apps like Trello. The Microsoft 365 communication apps will allow your sales team to have effective conversations with external prospects and clients, all whilst knowing everything is secure.

Finance & Accounting

Finance can conduct their finance reviews within Teams and share content around, business insights, audits, and compliance. Teams and SharePoint provide a hub in which all files, data, conversations and meetings can happen in a single place, safely and securely. They can easily share files like annual financial statement review or audit report and use apps like Excel, PowerBI, Planner or even pin critical files, internal or external websites to a tab.

How Microsoft 365 apps can help Human Resources

HR can manage their recruitment, training, events, and reviews from within Teams and SharePoint. This provides a single hub where HR professionals can collaborate, plan, share notes and communicate decisions. They can upload files to the channels e.g. HR policies, candidate information, offers extended, training or recruitment guidance notes, internal websites, feedback forms and surveys. Use a shared One Note for candidate feedback. They can use Teams for training calls and do post training surveys on Microsoft Forms or third-party apps like Survey Monkey.


IT can leverage Teams as a hub for service strategy, problem, incident and change, deployment, health and reporting, readiness and adoption, support and management and governance. They can set up connectors e.g. bots for process automation.

Workflows can be put in place for when users within the business need to raise IT support tickets. SharePoint integrates with Power Automate (used to be called Microsoft Flow) and Power Apps to enable the IT team to prioritise their workload effectively and provide an enhanced service.

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Engineering teams can leverage Microsoft 365 for feature releases, testing, feedback, competitive information, research and product analytics. They can set up connectors or tabs for VSTS, JIRA, BitBucket and GitHub or leverage developer tools like Botkit. Additionally, Microsoft Teams enables continuous discussion across a distributed team and is integrated with developer tools. Power BI can be leveraged for effective reporting.

Project teams

Project teams can take advantage of Microsoft Teams for planning, budget, analytics, reviews and feedback. They can additionally use apps like Planner, PowerBI or set up connectors e.g. bots for process automation. SharePoint also enables collaboration in one central hub with all the tools needed to manage a project. Projects are all about effective collaboration, and Microsoft 365 has a plethora of tools available; projects can be completely streamlined as a result.

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