Agile Bridge enables an integration between existing core systems (e.g. Claims Management or Policy Administration Systems) and User Experience Platforms, through a wide portfolio of Bridge Services. Through Agile Bridge’s definition and mapping of your system’s data model, your UXP is able to leverage and extend functionality.

Bridge Services

Agile Bridge exposes the required functionality to your Portal/UXP via a series of Bridge Services. It then acts as a façade to your claims/policy platforms.

The Bridge Services are compatible with ‘Out of the Box’ data models but can be customised to accommodate bespoke requirements. The Bridge Services cover many elements such as: Data Access, Claims Tracking, Quote MTAs, Policy Renewal, etc. There is a portfolio of 90+ services to call upon and utilise.

Agile Bridge deploys a small module to each system which defines mapping from the customised data model to the Agile Bridge model. This module enables the presentation of a single unified/ standardised data model to the Portal/UXP system for data retrieval.