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How is Solution Assurance a guidance system to the moon?

News and opinion | Georgina | 19 November 2021

You may have seen recently our new game. The aim is to get the rocket to the moon in under 90 seconds. We made this game because we wanted to display the analogy for insurance transformation systems, and where Solution Assurance fits into it (and also because it was fun).

Digital insurance transformation programmes are notoriously difficult, complex, and on occasion, fragile to undertake efficiently. Solution Assurance (which we’re particularly good at) is primarily seen as the ‘guidance system’ in this metaphor.

If you’re a rocket going to the moon, there’s a ton of ‘gotchas’ you’d want to avoid. Similar to common traps capable of derailing an insurance transformation project. You’ll want to avoid things like;

Additionally, when navigating through such a complex programme, it’s vital to have the right way of working nailed down. (For us, it’s the One Team way of working as part of the well-practised Agile methodology). Working in such a way allows the guidance system that is Solution Assurance to;

  • quickly predict problems and plan to overcome them with realistic solutions
  • factor in the impact of future upgrades and changes to the products within the transformation
  • maintain and oversee governance control
  • share knowledge and understanding across wider teams involved

If you’ve played our (rather addictive) game, you’ll notice how one of the planets, if you collide into it, causes your guiding arrow to disappear. The beady-eyed among you will have found that the Endava logo is within the arrow. That’s because the arrow represents us – and exactly what part Solution Assurance plays on an insurance transformation programme! Without the guidance arrow, you may find yourself rudderless during your transformation. The chances are high too, that you won’t manage to reach the moon.

Explaining the purpose of Solution Assurance

In the real world, insurance transformation is nothing like fun and games – especially when it goes wrong. Those embarking on (much needed) upgrades must think about including an assurance partner to see them through their journey to the other side.

“Effective Solution Assurance is far more than ‘arm’s length’ periodic and retrospective code quality reviews, highlighting areas where improvements could be made in the future…”,   Endava’s Chief Executive Officer, Roy Murphy explains.

“…but arming our clients with certified and deeply qualified pairs of eyes and ears that are immersed inside the delivery teams, proactively protecting clients’ transformation programmes from the countless opportunities to fall short of the required standards. As well as technical excellence, this also includes optimising the Agile methodology, the resource profiles and processes, that together will ensure a high-quality delivery, on time and within budget. Previous experience proves that our engagement has saved our clients millions in wasted time and effort as a consequence of poor practice. Prevention is better than cure; it’s important to get it right first time.”

Every programme will have obstacles that are simply unavoidable; from intentional technical debt (which isn’t a huge obstacle when planned correctly) to Total Cost of Ownership increasing, all sorts of programme blockers can delay and push up the cost of the project. Solution Assurance is vital to protecting insurers from unnecessary costs and mistakes.