Human Resources & Policies

Whether you are an HR department of one, or many, you need key features to deliver responsive services to your organisation’s employees, while making sure policies are updated and enforced.

With a range of critical areas to serve (e.g. compliantly managing employee data, documents, policies, certifications), the HR team also needs to support collaboration and communication across the business. However fostering that without the right people and technology in place can prove impossible.The below are examples of just a few things that affect all departments in an organisation, and as such need to be monitored:

  • Recruitment, on-boarding and off-boarding processes
  • Appraisals, training/CPD
  • Annual leave and sickness
  • Policy management

For HR to deliver and enforce the above, on a company-wide level, robust but straightforward processes need to be in place. This is where we at Business Agility have helped our clients a great deal.

Our experience delivering HR solutions

Many of our client engagements, especially those that involve document management or intranet delivery involve HR from a departmental and/or process level. Given the scope of what our clients (such as The BBC, AstraZeneca and AXA) are trying to achieve – system governance and policy management can be high on their agendas. The applications within Microsoft 365 can remove a lot of burden around this.

How we are supporting our clients with HR solutions

Traditionally a paper-based processes ruled the HR-environment. Moving to online, form-driven processes pushes the agenda of efficiency. However, the adoption of these ‘new’ methods can be difficult.

Recently we helped the BBC create a form-driven appraisal system for its 22,000 employees. This initiative needed significant analysis into how typical appraisals were run and what was done with (paper) information gathered. The system we design used SharePoint on premises as the platform – and used reporting and BI integrations to help surface the data.

The HR value and power of both on premises and Microsoft cloud solutions (SharePoint, Microsoft 365) can enable you to ‘right-size’ and modernise your HR needs. Empowering you to dynamically respond and adapt.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maximise your investment in the Microsoft stack.