News and opinion | Georgina | 12 January 2023

Roy Murphy: Quality Assurance or Solution Assurance?

Roy Murphy, Partner at Endava, gives his views on the programme-vital differences between Quality and Solution…

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Insurance legacy systems | Georgina | 21 September 2022

A view on evolving attitudes towards change across the market

Roy Murphy, Partner at Endava, gives his views on how the market has evolved its attitude in recent…

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Data and Analytics | Georgina | 24 June 2022

How big, small and wide data reduce insurance risk

What’s the difference between big data, small data and wide data, and how do they help insurers reduce risk?…

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Insurance Solutions | Georgina | 20 May 2022

Hyperautomation: Insurance on the edge of tomorrow

Hyperautomation is the next step forward, but what does this mean for insurers and their…

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