These days, most organisations, regardless of their size, have their own intranet. The network comes with many benefits, such as improved communication and increased productivity. However, these advantages are only attainable if a company’s intranet is of a good quality.

A superior intranet will allow employees and employers alike to share information, set up appointments and communicate in a simplified manner. It also promotes collaboration as it enables staff to share services, resources and best practices.

An intranet means everybody has a portal to go to that dictates the company’s goals and what it wants to achieve, meaning every staff member is on the same page.

This is where SharePoint comes in, as it can help your business create a well-implemented intranet that meets the needs of the company and its employees.

Getting to know each other

It is important that staff know each other, regardless of location, so they know who to go to for help or who to contact when an issue arises. If employees fully understand who their colleagues are and what role they perform they can pass projects on to the right people first time, ensuring the process is speedy. SharePoint can provide a comprehensive staff directory, meaning an employee’s contact details are available after a few keystrokes.


For a company to run smoothly, every employee must collaborate to ensure long-term goals are achieved. Writing for Microsoft, Kim Komando, a successful radio host and internet entrepreneur, said: “In order for a company to succeed, all players must understand its goals. Neither long-term nor short-term goals should be confined to upper management meetings. It’s ‘Business 101’. Everyone needs to be working toward common goals”.

The functionality of SharePoint allows a business to create business plans and ensures every staff member knows what part they need to play in order to achieve these objectives.

Learn from your mistakes

A company needs to learn from previous mistakes in order to create an intranet that is suitable for the business and employees alike.

SharePoint makes past knowledge more accessible, which means all relevant parties are able to see what has been successful in the past and what was ineffective. Equipping employees with this information means they can take the necessary steps to make improvements.

Real-time communication

A good quality intranet should allow bosses and employees to communicate in real-time, meaning operations and procedures are significantly sped up and productivity is increased substantially. SharePoint can be integrated with a social network system that can allow employees to have real-time conversations, rather than waiting for a response to an email, which can be a lengthy process.

Adapt quickly

A business needs to be able to make changes quickly and adapt to any alterations in its industry, especially those competitors are making. SharePoint is a key tool for this as it supports change, meaning a company is able to keep its intranet relevant.