Leveraging Power BI for better HR Management

All departments in a company have their own ways of compiling reports. It can be a frustrating process gathering all of these reports and making sense of them. Power BI within Office 365 has a few tricks you can utilise to maximise the benefit of the platform. If you currently find reports difficult to acquire and time consuming to analyse, SharePoint and Office 365 can help.

If you use Office 365, you’ll have access to Power BI. HR information is highly sensitive, and BI is a tool that can help ensure the right information is reported in a simple manner. It’s basically a ‘data dashboard’ which can display what you want using varying criteria. Whether you want to display staff turnover, information from the appraisal process, or holiday and sickness statistics, Power BI is built to do this for you.

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Power BI gives you Mobile-friendly reporting

Depending on your device, Excel can look awkward and clunky on mobile (especially larger, in-depth files). The beauty of Power BI (and the Cloud) means devices of all kinds will be able to see Power BI’s dashboard with ease. Once you have a dashboard created you can access it from almost any device. The web app is great for displaying and editing reports from the desktop.

The iOS and Android apps allow you to use your reports on the go. For those who are after something with enough features to write a book on then there’s the Microsoft Power BI Desktop, where you can model, transform, and visualise your data to your heart’s content.

Unlike Excel, Power BI is hugely visual. This is why it partners so well with Excel. You can input all your data into Excel as normal and get Power BI to pick it up and display it in a visually appealing dashboard – which makes it great for presentations. Nobody wants to look at a spreadsheet in a presentation!



Speed up collaboration on reports (multiple users editing at the same time)

SharePoint allows real-time co-authoring among Office 365 apps. So, instead of playing email tennis with several other editors of the document, you can make changes in real-time as well as seeing what changes other people are making to the document too. This feature may be simple, but it’s brilliant for productivity boosting in the HR team!

Search your data

The search function on Power BI allows you to ask questions of your data, rather than your data presenting you with lots of confusing information. For example – if you need to know how many employees were off sick in the last year, you could call on Power BI’s search function to tell you right away.

Turn on real-time reporting

You can stream data and update dashboards in real-time – all in a visual way. Power BI is designed for collaboration and ease of use. If you a lot of data that needs updating instantly, you can do it with Power BI.

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