The technology we are expert in is best used in heavily process-driven environments, such as the manufacturing industry. With a strong need for robust processes, manufacturing cannot perform or produce materials it needs without strict controls and processes in place. This can include research information, health and safety records, data for compliance, or a central hub for communication. Especially if the organisation spans across the globe. If utilising thousands of staff, good communication and readily available/up to data information is imperative for manufacturing companies to thrive.

Our Experience

We have provided solutions for a several large manufacturing companies. Some are global, and others are nationwide. Altro, Gradus, Renold, , TMD Friction, Vesuvius, Imagination Technologies are just some of our recent clients.

How we are helping Manufacturing

The solutions we have created and deployed to the manufacturing sector have been critical to the success of the companies within such a saturated market.

Our solutions leverage either the stack within Microsoft 365 or specific to SharePoint

  • Using Microsoft 365 to improve collaboration and communication between global sites
  • Document Transmittal so9lutions
  • Super-charged search and crucial document control
  • Information Architecture – Security and governance against sprawling data
  • Migrating from dated, archaic systems to a collaborative solution everybody can use

The value and power of both on premises and Microsoft cloud solutions (SharePoint, Microsoft 365) can enable you to ‘right-size’ and modernise your IT infrastructure. Empowering you to dynamically respond and adapt. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maximise your investment in the Microsoft stack.