Microsoft 365

Your day to day Microsoft Office tools, but in the Cloud!

Office 365 extends beyond just Word, Excel, etc – it also gives you access to SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online is a powerful component of Office 365, giving organisations the ability to create multiple systems to serve various business functions, i.e:

  • intranet
  • document management
  • record management
  • and collaboration solutions

Office 365 gives you the power of SharePoint without needing to manage or maintain the application and content.

Managing the cost of IT

Keeping the cost-base low, but quality of service high is the continual challenge for most organisations (we’re no different!). One area to focus on is the investment needed for supporting IT infrastructure. If you are able to take advantage of minimal hardware costs and a much more flexible licencing structure that that would certainly impact the bottom line for the better. For many organisations back office systems such as email, intranet servers and document management can be entirely replaced by utilising Office 365’s Cloud. Costs can be better controlled and managed without sacrificing functionality and employee efficiency.


A move to the cloud doesn’t mean a move to the training room. The applications your users are familiar with day-in-and-day-out look the same, maintain their easy to use and logical menu systems – the only difference is they don’t need to be locally held any more. This continuity is a significant cost saving over alternatives and keeps the cost of migration low. The new functionality of Office 365 is incorporated in ways that look and feel familiar for your users so they can use it quickly and easily.

Taking the next step

Business Agility have a dedicated team of consultants that understand Office 365 in-depth, and know how best to leverage its comprehensive feature set. Our consultants can quickly analyse business problems, work with you to design an Office 365 system, and migrate your content and data from legacy on premise. We would like to help you on your journey to the cloud (whether that is a full cloud journey, or adopting a hybrid approach). Contact us today to discuss the challenges you face and the opportunities you want to realise.

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