Microsoft Teams + Yammer = A powerful comms combo?

Microsoft Teams and Yammer are both independent communication tools offered within Office 365. Office 365 is vying to be the king of collaboration; but is there such thing as too many communication tools? Your organisation may use one for its intranet, one for mobile/on the go users, and one for colleagues who didn’t adopt the newest one. That’s 3 tools just to communicate! Once you’ve found out and loaded up the correct app, it may have, in that time, been easier just to physically visit Liz in finance rather than ping her a message.

We ‘collaborate’ more than ever!

But – Teams and Yammer have actually been known to work together. Naomi Moneypenny, a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, claims that we collaborate with five times as many teams these days as what we used to. That’s a LOT of communication! So how can two independent communication tools work together? Does that make it the ultimate communication tool ever?

Well – for large organisation you may want to consider using both in tandem. For example, if you have a mammoth intranet that’s used and updated regularly (sounds like a dream!) then chances are Yammer is the tool for communicating across your organisation. Yammer is a tool that’s great for informing and engaging a vast amount of people – and slots right into your intranet. Perfect!

Microsoft Teams is for work

Teams however, is better used for that instant communication you might need with Brenda in finance. It’s good to use with employees you know as part of your day to day. You can also run meetings and video conferences through Teams! Conversations in Microsoft Teams are more informal and instant. Actual work can be done within the app – such as collaborating on documents and files.

Here are some things that Teams and Yammer have in common:

  • They’re available through Office 365
  • You can have closed off groups of people
  • You can reach out to people on an ad-hoc basis!

When it comes to security, both of these applications work well within your organisation. Both have permissions features that allow you to ensure certain topics stay within specific groups – such as management or HR.

Yammer could be good as part of a solid intranet

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a large organisation with multiple silos to collaborate just that little bit better, Yammer can work. It’ll bring together people with similar interests. They can use the tool to comment on intranet posts and pages. Microsoft Teams however, is the communication tool to use for doing work.

You can integrate Planner within Teams and assign tasks to people within your Team, and work on it together in Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. Yammer is on a wider scale and could really simplify (as well as humanise) a large organisation to its employees. All in all, both of these tools, when using them together, mean that you can collaborate on an inner and outer level. We’d definitely say however, that Microsoft Teams is not your intranet!

If your intranet needs a bit of work first before you can start thinking about communication, get in touch or download our Intranet Planning guide here.