Migration Services

Seamless and robust content migration for SharePoint

Business Agility has worked with SharePoint since 2001. In that time, we’ve struck up long-term, proactive partnerships with clients in a wide range of sectors – companies who come to us with diverse requirements for which there’s no single solution.

One thing many of them have in common, though, is they don’t tend to present us with a blank slate. Our consultants are often asked to migrate data and applications from a legacy system – or even multiple legacy systems – that have grown up over a space of years and come to be a thorn in the workforce’s side.

Migrating content from one system to another is never easy. It can be a complex and daunting process that often puts companies off upgrading in the first place, even where there’s an inarguable business case for the move.

What makes an effective migration?

When our consultants come to clients wanting to migrate to SharePoint, or migrate from one SharePoint site to another that better meets the company’s objectives, we recommend careful planning to ensure the process is executed as efficiently and effectively as possible. Everyone’s requirements are different, but we always look at the following areas:

Forget the technical issues – what business problems do we need to solve? What, at the end of the day, does each user expect to get out of the new system?

What governance will apply? How do we define user responsibilities and enforce policy compliance, and what processes can SharePoint help us automate?

How, when and where will we move the company’s existing content? Can this be accomplished without downtime?

Why choose Business Agility?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner we’re recognised as an authority on SharePoint development, so it goes without saying that we’ll design and implement your new system to the highest possible standard. Our consultants aren’t just well qualified, though. Between them, they count 30-plus years of SharePoint experience and put that into practice every time they set about a migration.

We’ll help you define your requirements and then put them into action with confidence, however complex they might seem. What’s more, we’ll provide monitoring and support for your new system afterwards, so any issues that surface can be addressed at once.

Whether you’re looking to migrate to SharePoint in the cloud or on-premise, get in touch with us today and we’ll see how we can help.

What do I do post-migration?

We’ve written a brief guide with our suggestions on what we feel should be your next steps on your journey with the cloud-based platform.