SharePoint comes as part of Office 365, but for many organisations it’s used as a separate application. The platform is powerful, but when used in conjunction with other apps within Office 365 you can really get a lot more out of it.

Many of you will be using the two platforms in conjunction with each other without even knowing it. With Apps such as Microsoft Teams for example, it’s almost impossible to get the most out of it unless you’re integrating everything together.

So which apps in Office 365 work particularly well with SharePoint? Firstly, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve from SharePoint itself. If you’re looking for SharePoint to make collaboration and teamwork easier, then Teams or Yammer are good choices. If you’re after a better way to organise information and notes, then OneNote works great with SharePoint. Here are a few examples below – check them out!

Some great combos:

SharePoint & Microsoft OneNote

Yet another way to collaborate with users, OneNote provides you with the ability to informally share ideas and more with other users. The fact that OneNote is so free-form is helpful for users who don’t necessarily need a Word, Excel or PowerPoint doc. The handwriting feature is pretty cool, too.

SharePoint & Microsoft Teams

This is a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. That might not sound that amazing, however when you have large scale, multi-faceted projects then this is a terrific cloud-based app. Teams is an increasingly large platform where it makes more sense to use SharePoint features within it rather embed Teams into SharePoint. Say hello to collaboration in the 21st Century!

If you haven’t already, download our “Lover’s Guide to 

SharePoint” here. 

SharePoint & Microsoft Yammer

Microsoft Yammer is a great tool within Office 365 to use as part of a SharePoint intranet! If you want to have a social aspect for your Intranet, then Yammer is the app to use. It creates an informal environment (if you wish it to be that way) and allows members to have open and free conversations around any and every topic.

SharePoint & Microsoft Stream

Using Stream is a fantastic way to add value and elevate your Intranet with a different type of content. You can easily embed Stream videos into SharePoint sites. Having this functionality gives your Intranet or Team Site an extra dimension and make it more interesting to use!

We’ve got some more examples of how you can utilise the apps within Office 365 – check out the guide here.