We’re with Guidewire

Our track record in ClaimCenter systems integration is second to none – we’ve completed more successful implementations than any other Guidewire partner in the UK. View our partner profile here.


Over the years Business Agility has partnered up with key organisations across the business.

Below are our current key partners:






We are the leader in Guidewire integration services to the London Market and General Insurance industry. View our Partner profile here.

As Guidewire’s oldest implementation partner in Europe, in 2006, we implemented the first ever Guidewire ClaimCenter® system in Europe. Since then we have successfully engaged with clients from Los Angeles to Moscow to Japan to Europe and the UK.

As a systems integrator specialising in the implementation of Guidewire Software®, we focus on reducing risk and implementing claims and policy solutions on time and within budget. We are uniquely positioned as a London Market Guidewire integrator and have worked with both Syndicate and Companies businesses.

With a pragmatic approach, we provide full-time, Guidewire-certified and experienced individuals across all roles including:

We’ve been a Microsoft Gold Partner for 10 years.


We introduce SharePoint to many clients who already have Microsoft 365. Companies are faced with various challenges, such as migrating to the Cloud, managing databases and generally making sure that the IT is capable of facilitating the new processes. We’re partnered with Rackspace, so clients benefiting from SharePoint can also benefit from hosting provided by Rackspace.