The complexity and enormity of the work performed in the pharmaceutical industry is crucial to modern medicine. With focuses on developing, manufacturing, and commercialising branded pharmaceuticals, surgical devices and regenerative medicine products for patients around the world a lot needs to underpin this work.

With significant time and effort in research and development, the pharmaceutical industry needs to ensure collaboration, information management and regulatory compliance are served well.

Commons headaches in the Pharmaceutical world include:

  • Liability and compliance: A heavily governed and regulated industry such as pharmaceuticals requires sophisticated but easy to use software for recording research data. All recorded data must be auditable
  • Quality control: Like the above, quality control is a vital area within the pharmaceutical industry. Quality control processes must be carefully recorded and stored in a reliable, secure system

Business Agility’s experience in the Pharmaceutical industry

Our solutions within the pharmaceutical industry have been both specific and varied, creating process automation and collaboration systems for clients that include; Allergan, Aptus Clinical and AstraZeneca.

Some of our tailored solutions include:

  • Efficiency improvements
  • Information collectively managed
  • Improved data integrity
  • Workflows providing integration between SharePoint and Microsoft Outlook in order to automate the feedback collection process from expert working group members.

How Business Agility are helping biotech and pharmaceutical organisations

Data integrity is something high up on many agendas within the pharmaceutical industry. We’ve managed to implement global solutions for our pharma clients. These solutions drive efficiency and compliance throughout the entire organisation.

The value and power of both on premises and Microsoft cloud solutions (SharePoint, Microsoft 365) can enable you to ‘right-size’ and modernise your IT infrastructure. Empowering you to dynamically respond and adapt. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maximise your investment in the Microsoft stack.