If your company isn’t likely to be heading in the direction of the Cloud, it doesn’t mean your reporting should be affected. If your data is held in the Cloud, then powerful apps within office 365 can work wonders for your business. If you’re on-premises or have a hybrid setup, you can utilise other platforms like SQL’s SSRS. Business Agility have a plethora of experience when it comes to all things reporting.

Reporting solutions come in many different shapes and sizes, regardless of all the bells and whistles available, the core function remains the same – to present accurate intelligence and inform business decisions. It is within this Business Intelligence and analytical data representation where the complexity lies. Reporting can be interpreted in many different ways. Inter-departmental reporting can vary depending on the need it serves. Finance for example will need to generate regular reports defined by month, financial year, or quarter. HR will have a different method, and may need to report on staff sickness, on-boarding figures, training or employee retention efforts. Likely there will be cross-departmental reporting requirements – e.g. salary or bonus information; so therefore the data needs to be straightforward to compile and access.

Our reporting solution experience

Reporting solutions can be both complex and complicated; especially if there is an over-reliance paper-based process. For example, for several of our housing association clients we have developed reporting solutions to encapsulate the following:

  • Solid central databases for tenant and property data
  • A bespoke Health & Safety app developed with the Microsoft 365 stack which enables auditable data to be reported and updated (no more paper!)
  • Audit trails for easy compliance
  • Digital forms

How we are helping our clients with Reporting and Business Intelligence

Thrive Homes is a good example of one of our clients who have greatly benefited from our reporting solutions using Microsoft 365. The Reporting tool we developed using SharePoint and Power BI allows sensitive data to be managed effectively online. This data is easily accessible for auditing and reporting purposes and alleviates the headache around paper-based processes. The Reporting value and power of both on premises and Microsoft cloud solutions (SharePoint, Microsoft 365) can enable you to ‘right-size’ and modernise your Reporting needs. Empowering you to dynamically respond and adapt. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maximise your investment in the Microsoft stack.