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Workflows and Automation in Office 365


Removing burdensome effort for greater efficiency is an eternal quest for, arguably, all organisations. When performing cumbersome processes, we doubt the thought “there has to be a better way!” has never popped into your frustrated head.

Manual processes can be, and usually are, time consuming, and prone to error. Ultimately, this leads to poor practices and loss of efficiency; an obvious negative result of this is the loss of money. How should companies approach these challenges?

This guide has not ONLY been written to go through the benefits of automation, but also to evince the benefits of (mostly) SharePoint and Office 365 (including which apps you can leverage to help you achieve greater efficiency through automation). Once a company has implemented Office 365, it can be overwhelming trying to calculate the pros and cons of each tool on offer. However, by applying best practice and appropriate workflows, the efficiency of a business can transform dramatically.

Whilst reading our guide, consider the processes in your organisation that could use a refresh. We’ll be focusing on business scenarios and solutions that don’t require vast technical knowledge; however, if your organisation needs more custom development, this too is something we can certainly help you with.